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Assistants + ICs

We are asked about hiring all the time, and while we don't claim to be the experts (we're in the thick of it now) as always we are happy to share. In this episode we talk out bringing on assistants and ICs. As always you can reach us on the gram @travelprotheory

Why no barrier to entry is hurting all of us

It's incredibly easy to join our industry as a travel advisor. Too easy, in our opinion. We go over why having no barrier to entry is hurting all of us. If you have topic suggestions you’d like us to address message us @travelprotheory on IG.

Fees + Operators

We are asked about fees all the time, so that's what this episode is all about. When to charge, how much to charge, we walk you through our thought process on this topic. We also touch on a bit of how operators work, as it relates to recent news of bigger names going under.

Fams + Relationships

This one is all about fam trips and relationships! Note - I (Kate) get a smidge ranty at bits on this one. Please don't take it personally, I had just come off a bad experience and had some misdirected frustration. No intro or edits on this one, we recorded in a different studio with different software so is what it is peeps.

Listener questions - vol 3

Another listener question ep! We were asked, what makes travelers buy? So we walk you through what we've learned over the years.

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Listener Questions - Vol 2

Another round of listener Q's - in this we cover how to handle weather issues, tangent a bit into social media and then also touch on how to handle issues on the ground.

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Should you start a business

Debating on starting a business? We go over what we wish we would have known, the challenges and how it impacts the rest of your life.

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Client Expectations

We're diving deep into Client Expectations, which is the name of the game. How to live up to the title of "advisor" and not order taker. We also touch on the supplier/advisor relationship and how that impacts your clients.

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Destination education

This is an extension of the last episode! We are going into detail on Destination Education, what has worked the best for us and how to expand what you know about a destination so that you can sell it.

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Listener Q’s - Vol 1

We've been getting in so many great questions from listeners so we're going to start covering them in the episodes (anonymously).

In this episode we tackle the question of how did you get started in your business and how do you continue education.

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Systems (2018)

Recorded at the end of 2018, we are going over the main services we use to make life a little easier and what is on our radar for 2019.


Streak, Dubsado, Travel Joy, Acuity, G Suite, and more.


You know, when your client decides that 20 other people need to read and weigh in on their itinerary, and suddenly you have a lot of work on your hands.

Make sure to check out this video that we mention in the podcast


  1. Remind the client why they hired you

  2. Get on top of it early

  3. If they are pointing to sites such as tripadvisor, point out the flaws

Slow Travel

We break down why we want to encourage travelers to slow it down. Note -- there is a slight echo near the end, but we wanted to go ahead and post because done is better than perfect, and the content was great.


  1. Have the confidence to give travelers alternative options

  2. Don’t overschedule

  3. Listen for codes in their feedback (ie. I wish we had more time here = that portion of the trip was too rushed)



From all the reasons you need to get a budget from your clients and our tips to help you get there.


  1. Get specific info (ie. don’t settle for vague terms like “nice”)

  2. Still ask for a budget

  3. Educate them. If you need help here, talk to your suppliers or fellow #travelpros

  4. Don’t be afraid to say no to the trip


What is Travel Pro Theory?

Get to know how TPT came to be and what it’s all about in this episode.