We have a cache of tried and true templates that work. You can get access to policies, contracts, client experience docs and more.

Bundle 1.0 — slightly boring. 100% necessary.


  • Privacy Policy

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Service Fee Language (can add to T&C’s)

We know, it’s not the most exciting. It’s the travel insurance of template bundles. Not flashy, but you know you need it. So we’re giving it to you for FREE.

Bonus — to make it a bit more fun we’re also tossing in our Supplier Cheatsheet that will tell you how to get a great itinerary on the first try (and guarantee your suppliers love you).

*Disclaimer — while we paid to have lawyers vet these, we are NOT lawyers. These are NOT legal docs. You should always have your own counsel review it.

Bundle 2.0 - Workflow & client experience

What’s in there?

Lead Workflow, Client Workflow, Client Experience adds,and directions on how to implement if you don't have a paid client software program (as in, you can do this with what you have).

This is literally years of experience, tweaking & perfecting all wrapped up nice and neat with a bow! This bundle can help you: never miss a step in your process; stick to charging fee; be more comfortable saying no, because the email template is already done for you; have a professional process so everyone on your team (or future team) knows what's happening and where to go; always be touching your clients with email templates for that semi-awkward period between the deposit and final payment; and save you hours in your inbox!

Please note: this is not a system, a course or a training program. It would be impractical to show how to implement the workflow on every possible system available. This is the content and email swipe files that we use successfully. You’ll need to apply it to your own system, whether that’s using canned emails in gmail or something as robust as Travel Joy.

Pricing $347


  • 5 Steps of Lead Workflow

  • 8 Steps of Client Workflow

  • 6 adds for Client Experience

  • 14 email templates

  • 6 demo videos (on how to implement if you don’t have a full system in use yet)

Plus you’ll get Lead & Client Workflow visuals and implementation plans. There are notes on every step. The bundle contains years of experience,  the financial investments we've paid out to assistants, and other helpers to perfect it when building our workflow, and of course, countless hours in creating and testing in our own businesses.

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